In these days of having tomake the best of everything – not going out as often, certainly not going to beauty shops or hairdressers etc., it is absolutely vital we make the most of the services we can use at home.  Lots of companies are now making their online prescence felt really well.  Lots of truly awesome web sites are coming to the table.  With the rapidly declining need for shops in the physical sense of the word, the products themselves are still enthusiastically sought.  Online seems to be the only way forward.   Many gift and hobby stores are online with no physical store at all.  The ones that enjoy the low minimal option of online sales only gain masses of sales because folk are constantly  up for trying a new theme and the store can be placed in a huge warehouse or other great empty structure or storeroom.  The only thing needed for a sales channel is tweaking the camera view of the participant for the video – no dirty lunch stuff left around or sloppy half finished work.