The Joy Of Browsing For Pretty Baking & Kitchenware

There is something truly special about curling up on the sofa, laptop on our knees, a cuppa perched precariously at hand, and an hour or so to ourselves with no other calls on that time – utter bliss.  Not for us the frantic searching for school uniform bargains or the latest on trend fashion buys to beat having to trudge to the out of town clothes emporiums.  No, some of us have much earthier things to consider.  Bakeware, cooking wares, kitchenwares.  In fact, anything that could conceivably be counted in that genre.  Having a soft spot for pretty pastel shades for almost anything, my eye was drawn to a particularly tasteful selection of items featuring in the new series of my absolutely most favourite queen of tv cuisine.

So off come the slippers, let’s get browsing some of the gorgeous shabby chic suppliers to see just how I can cutsie up my own kitchen area.