That Baking Bug Can Last A Lifetime

One of my nearly immediate family is crazy about baking.  There is never a day goes by when the poor lass isn’t heard weighing out, whisking, beating, scraping or other fun packed noises.  The maternal instinct in most of us ensures that at one or two cakes a week are produced.  Well, that is true for some of my female relatives.  The notion of me actually measuring out the ingredients is a science I have yet to indulge.

I do love watching other people bake and this joy was mine when I joined friends at a weekend party.  The hosts mum and grandma had been busily preparing a mass of lovely scones, sponges, rock buns and deep joy – chelsea buns!  But it was the bakeware that caught my eye – so beautifully co-ordinated and practical.  Nothing was just for show, it all had a use and was easy to clean and store.  All sourced from a dedicated online site.