There can be times when it would really be helpful if we had three or four additional cabinets to house things at home, just to maintain some kind of order.    Things like extra dinner plates, serving bowls and a myriad of other stuff, for when you have a real ‘do’ or special meal.  Of course, just at the moment we are not encouraged to visit anyone else’s home, dinner or no dinner.   So whilst lockdown’s been a great inconvenience for many, it has actually given us all an opportunity to rekindle old skills or learn new ones.  This is where the storage solutions are needed.  Where exactly do you put all those fabrics you ordered but haven’t quite got round to using. . . . What about all those fantastic yarns and patterns you found on that craft site.  A large sideboard can be used for storing all the homewares – dinner sets and a nice roomy ottoman can handle the rest!