Some of my neighbours have spent a great deal of their lockdown time  producing some fantastic home made cakes & muffins.  However, it has to be said that their waist and hiplines are beginning to reflect these achievements!  I don’t make that many, controlling my urge and keeping the joy for family visits and impressing friends only.

However I like making scones.  Turn on oven 200 degC or 190 degC fan or Gas Mk7:  340g plain flour, 25g soft margarine, small teaspoon bicarb & 2 of cream of tartar all sieved together 1 egg and up to quaer pint of milk are needed.  Rub the marge into the flour to produce fine breadcrumbs, Add the egg and as much of the milk as needed to just reach softly springy, not wet consistency.   Turn onto floured suface and roll out to approx 3cm thickness.  Cut scones out with cutter of choice and  place on greased tray or use silicone liner.  Bake for 10 minutes or until tops nicely golden & base firm.   Once cool, halved & buttered, they don’t hang around for long !