For some reason I find it easier to think about homewares and learning baking in the  winter.  There’s nothing that I actually need for the home but when I do look to replace anything, it’s generally in this already busy phase just leading up to Christmas.    It’s all going to be very different this year.  usual venues are  having to shut down for the second lockdown period.  The main supermarkets will win again of course, everyone goes racing down to the big stores for the baking ingredients.  It’s incredible how many people have taken to cake making and learning skills they would at one time have ignored, thinking that was just from Grandma’s day!  I know several younger families who have spent weeks and weeks readjusting to life inside the home.  Once the initial thrill of not going to work wore off, and the finances were sorted and in place, then the “let’s try making . . . . ” crept in.  So hurrah, there are some positive outcomes to this situation.