Mothering Sunday Promotes Afternoon Teas

What do you get the mum who has literally everything.  Every perfumery product known to mankind and jewellery until it falls out of the neat cases on the dresser.  Flowers are lovely but expensively marked up for the occasion – as you cannot really go and buy these much in advance of course.   Something though that almost every mum appreciates, all year round, but more particularly around Mothering Sunday, is the chance to go out and have a special afternoon tea.  Those lusicous little sandwiches – little being the operative word – and tiny scones, iced fancies and victoria sponge cake.

To recreate this wonderful atmosphere at home, it is possible to acquire small sets of tea cups, saucers and matching cream jug and sugar bowl.  The associatd teapot would of course really make it special, as would the cake stand if available too.   It is a lovely touch for a youngster to put on for a mum and grandma together.