Memories Of Family Tea Time In The Parlour

When we think of vintage baking, it’s usually with just the shabby chic pink and pastel coloured china cookware that has been around for some years now.   Can look all a bit twee when the whole kitchen is overloaded with one idea.  I know one tea room that has recently changed over completely from that style – everyone was jumping on the band wagon apparently.  So with her new scheme she has gone back more to family favourites, a touch of nostalgia and a nod to the early days of high tea in the front parlour.   So we have been out there collecting all kinds of achived recipes from grandparents and relatives of friends.  Ou favourites have been road tested in a somewhat more modern kitchen it must be said, many times for reliable results.  The old favourites remain – Victoria Sponge Sandwich with vanilla butter icing and jam filling;  Dark Sticky Gingerbread with lemon glace icing on top;  Light Spicy Fruit Cake;  Chocolate Flavour Sponge Sandwich and Coffee too with appropriate flavoured butter cream filling and icing sugar sieved on top.  Ahh  memories!