Genteel Matching Of Cake Stands With Tea Services

There is nothing on earth as fab as taking high tea with my aged spinster aunt.  Admittedly she is finding it more of a challenge now and gone are the days when she would sally forth and produce a whopping great spread for a dozen or so in one sitting.  As far as I know, she never worked as such, but seems to have led a serenely quiet life presumably funded by private income – entertaining us all to this wonderful treat!

Her high teas are of the most amazing standard involving cake stands, matching cake knife and forks – which in turn match whichever of the tea services selected that day.  Each service is now pretty old, so everything is hand washed, carefully dried and stored in very substantial china cabinets.  Such a wonderful thing to have been priviledged to share as I’ve grown up.   A habit my own family has now taken up!