Baking a basic cake is actually jolly easy.  It’s one of the fundamentals of learning to cook in food technology or home economics lessons.   For a victoria sponge sandwich – a very plan cake, this method has never failed me:   Turn on oven to 160 deg c and put shelf in middle position.   Line 2 x 8 inch (20cm) sandwich tins.    Beat 3 large eggs,  6 oz butter or margarine, 5 oz caster sugar, together in a mixing bowel, sift over 7 oz self raising flour and quarter teaspoon of baking powder.  When fluffy & pale, share between the two pans.  When oven has reached temperature  cook for 20 – 24 mins.  They are done when evenly brown and a skewer inserted comes out clean with no residue.  It should also bounce back to full shape if a finger tip is pressed onto centre of cake.  Take out and stand pans on rack.  Once cold, remove from pans and fill with jam and/or butter cream, or fresh cream.   Voila, one perfect cake!