Wrap presents on hard surfaces.

It’s more difficult to wrap gifts on a soft surface.

Clean off your kitchen table or hardwood floor and get to wrapping!

You’ll love how much neater the wrapped, Christmas gifts look!

Use one pattern or colour for each family member.

To save you time and confusion, wrap each family member’s gifts in their own style or colour of wrapping paper.

Use empty toilet paper rolls to keep your place.

Frustrated with wrapping paper unrolling during your gift-wrapping bonanza?

Cut a slit in your empty toilet paper rolls and slip them over rolls of wrapping paper to keep everything neat and together.

You can use a piece of tape to make it smaller for thinner rolls.

Place odd-shaped gifts into containers or boxes.

Have you ever gotten that present where the wrapping paper looked like it had been through the garbage disposal?

Most likely it was because inside that mangled mess of paper and tape was an oddly-shaped gift.

To avoid the “ugliest wrapped gift of the year” award, place gifts in shoe boxes, empty coffee and cookie tins or anything sturdy that will hold the gift.

Use bubble wrap or tissue paper to keep the gift from moving around.

Grab the right tools.

Double-sided tape, a rotary cutter and precision cutting scissors are a must!

Keep ribbons and extras stocked.

Grab fabric ribbons, cute bows, twine and more.

Wrap gifts upside down.

Yes, I know it’s a simple thing, but don’t forget to do it!

Keep the paper tight.

As you wrap the gift, make sure the paper is kept snugly pulled in your hands until it is secured with tape.

Don’t let it get loose or you’ll create small bumps and bubbles.

Cut your paper to fit your gift.

Probably the most common gift wrapping mistake is cutting too much paper for your gift.

Try to cut just enough, without leaving excess.

If you find you have excess, instead of taping and folding it to the box, neatly cut it off and the fold and wrap your gift.