One of the joys of gardening is the chance to grow a regular supply of cut flowers.  I never thought about that aspect years ago when I amateurishly laid out various plants and shrubs.  I just liked the colours an shapes as they appeared every season.    I decided to go for big blousey cut flowers when I’d been laid up after a major knee operation – it put paid to my favourite hobby of walking through the local dales.   Having been bought some flowers, I decided I liked having a splash of colour in the house. it so adds to the homeliness of kitchen when baking and I can always supplement my gifting with small bouquets.    I now have a year round supply of colour from dahlias, gladioli, lillies and roses popping up at very convenient intervals and as all the experts tell us, to keep the flowers coming, you must harvest them regularly.   Shopping carefully for tubers, bulbs and plants from a reliable outlet is essential but once the first year has gone, constant cropping brings endless joy.