Chic Tea Trays & Cake Stands For Entertaining

I simply love darting around a very old building – especially one that still has artefacts and household effects around the rooms.  There is something truly personal and almost tragic about seeing hairbrushes and combs on dressing tables in the bedrooms.  Gloves left limply on a hall table suggest the owner has simply popped out for a half hour break and we expect them back at any time!  I really do love the museums that offer a handy means to look back to earlier eras and imagine how elegant the ladies looked in their carriage riding finery.

Another thing about the old buildings is looking out for the old linens and fabrics of the day.  Seeing the pretty tray cloths that adorned Madame’s afternoon tea tray when entertaining – it would be prestine white and inviting.  As would the pretty china cake plates and crocker sets.  So elegant.