Chic Decorations

And, the result is an uncluttered and spacious look. Antique pieces with clean lines (no Victorian here) and flea market finds are integrated into the decor as a counterpoint to the sleek urban style. But for those that are keen to cut through the collage of clichés, here is a more in depth reason – you are welcomed into a contemporary, stylish and comfortable apartment that comprises chic decor and a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, something that’s impossible for a hotel room to duplicate. Kitchen facilities and a range of home comforts combine beautifully to give you an unmatched experience, giving you the opportunity to unwind and relax in the comfort of your home in Paris. First is Shabby Chic, which most everyone is familiar with. Shabby Chic is similar to cottage style decor and is known for white, distressed painted furniture, soft floral colors in pale shades of pink, blue and green, vintage accessories and comfortable, slip-covered furniture.

They add a sense of character and history to any home decor. Most of the time shabby chic decor is a great conversation starter. As you decorate your space, you might find some great upholstery at a flea market or consignment shop, or purchase new. It doesn’t matter as long as you maintain the overall clean look and love the piece. Here you can find some of the most unique, sought after decor for your home, all just a click away. These two styles take different approaches to a vintage look.