Baking Heaven Comes In The Cutest Of Kitchens

In the old days when our grandmothers ruled the households, depending on the kind of family, and whether they had ‘domestics’ all the kitchen equipment would have been handed down from family to family, for generations.  There are hundreds of books showing how the kitchens in tudor times were equipped with massive great mixing bowls, chopping boards, kettles and other vessels for hanging over the fire.   Once bought, the collection of metalware was allocated to the kitchen and it just got  used day in, day out, continuously for its entire life.  The copper pots and pans needed a vast amount of rubbing down to keep clean and as safe as possible.

These days every household is much smaller, nd it is possible to have gorgeous creations around whilst we bake.  All the cute options like mixing bowls, to match a pretty jug and coffee beakers and food mixers.  No limit on the pretty and inspirational products available today.