British Landladies Serving Up A Good Plateful

I was watching a brilliant documentary the other lunchtime.  I like to break off from writing to look at old things now and then.  Great form of inspiration.  This particular one was on the big gamble of booking a seaside holiday.  The gamble being whether the weather would be sunny and dry or wet and windy.  The clipped upper crust accent was perfect for the commentary as the narator mimicked one or two of the parties being canvassed for their opinions.  We followed three or four families throughout the week and saw what the standards had been the norm back in the 1950s.   Without exception, each family was having a wonderful time, the weather was fantastic and there were thousands on the beach every day.  We saw various meals being served – by austere looking landladies.  But another matter that was constant – the need to serve the meals on plain but perfect china or earthenware.  No disposable plastic for these – it hadn’t been developed then.  My word how quickly we must have adopted it when it did come along!