Birthday Baking & Collecting Ideas Flow Freely

Having just taken part in a fantastic birthday party extravaganza for a young middle aged lass, the world of shabby chic and all things baking came to the forefront of my world big time.  I am, or was not, naturally big in baking.  My mother did all that, Dad wasn’t at all interested in the cooking side of life and I followed his talents in the garage, mending the stuff to do the baking was my thing!

However, this party was an eye opener from the point of view of bringing ideas of how to decorate kitchens and make a difference without spending vast sums.  There were some amazing ideas on how to recreate that ’30s kitchen with the unfitted look, and where to obtain the wonderful selection of hand tools needed by patisserie fanatics.  So if special presents are needed again for a lover of baking – I am the one to come to!