There can be no doubt that an 18th birthday is  the thing young folk use as their reference point for recall.  Their years between infant and junior school and going off to university is a long span that passes in a blur.  The one thing that every younger adult remembers is that pivotal birthday.  This year it’s been challenging for all as no one has been able to celebrate properly.  No big parties or dinners out at the pub.  The need to buy in and do the biz at home has never meant more and a good thing too!    The home bakers out there have been really having a field day – lots of programmes on tv are geared up to the cooking and presenting of food at its very best.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a show that concentratees on the basics – which I feel should be part of the school curriculum.  Homewares and gifting ideas are often centred round the kitchen and baking goods for the aspiring ‘bake off’ winner.