Winter Blues Erased With Retro Bakeware Styling

I have taken to reading a magazine geared towards the somewhat more refined and well heeled end of my social circle.  It’s been in publication for a couple of hundred years and I have discovered that it can knock every other womens’ magaine into a cocked hat!  I got the hint that we were not talking cheap and cheerful when reading an article from their archives for various baking tinwares and in fact, how to equip the perfect 1920s kitchen.  I was agog with their ideas on budget control, not long after the cessation of the first world war.  These days when we want to recreate that splendour and optimism, nothing quite beats doing an infantry of the bakeware cupboard, or that spare larder with the chipped blue rimmed tins and basins!  If you want to cheer yourself up in winter gloom, buy and use more bakeware – especially the pretty feminite styles available out there today.

Recquainted With Baking By Historic House Tea Room

I membershiop of the three major heritage organisations for some years – but I don’t really make the most of them in that I don’t tend to travel on holiday or jaunts on my own.  There is no reason why either, I visit members of my family dotted all over England, so a stopover in a highly heritage populated area would be fun.  That is on this year’s ‘must do’ list.  What I really enjoy when I do take in a property, with or without a fantastic garden, are the wonderful tea rooms.  Some are much posher than others, that is true.  But on the whole, the welcome is second to none and the cakes / scones / tea & coffee services etc are absolutely gorgeous.  This always inspires me to get baking when I get home.  I have decided to reacquanit myself with the joys of kitchenalia too this year and will be browsing anytime soon!

Kitchen Sink Drama Brings Out Baking Heroes

I had occasion to do baking in someone else’s kitchen the other week.  It came as a bit of a surprise, as baking is not always in my day plan.  However we were over with friends and all happily breakfasted and ready to walk down through the village and back up via the pub.  Then the dear wife of our host managed to slip over, falling rather awkwardly.  Panic and chaos loomed – the thought of not being able to indulge in the home cooked lunch followed by delicious choice of desserts was frightening stuff!

Well as Mrs Host was unable to continue, and her husband took her to A&E, we others took to the kitchen to cook the ready prepared ingredients – and with help from cook books and some wonderful chintzy crockery and bakeware goods.  the kitchen was a treat in itself and gave our endeavours a whole new feeling of accomplishment!

Chic Cottage Wares Displayed On Dresser

I have just returned from a lovely few days in the country with family.  We stayed in a cute cottage just outside a market town.  As we all individually live in large modern family houses, no beams or thatches, to us this was just the most perfect way of relaxing and taking in the best of the village and countryside on offer.  The hosts had really thought long and hard about the layout of their prized pocession.   In the kitchen there was a gorgeous old dresser unit bedecked with miniature bunting in a ditsy floral design very similar to the style on the china cups and saucers the lined the top shelf.  Below that were the tea plates and a few old fashioned trivets.  The lowest rack contained the dinner plates – it was really practical and beautiful.  Shabby not, but chic definitely.  This theme continued up through the bedrooms – matching linens and accessories.  Just lovely.

Charity Begins At Home With Bric A Brac & Jumble Tat

One of the joys for my great aunt is seeking out unusual chinaware from charity shops and church fund raisers.  On our sortis, GA as she is lovingly referred to, despite promises to the contrary, spends hours turning over every single item on the bric a brac tables.  The expenditure is minimal of course.  Those of us in the younger contengent of great nieces and nephews have had to endure the embarrassment of her making loud, uncomplimentary comments about the “rubbish people hand in these days . . . . .”  GA is fully aware of our discomfort, but knowing her position as a genteel senior to be respected, remains blissfully aloof at all times.

I recently introduced her to the much more satisfying pastime of browsing china sourcing and matching sites.   Not to buy though.  No, she’s making a very tidy profit, selling at hugely inflated sums,  much of the stuff gleaned at minimal outlay from the aforementioned jumble sales and charity shops!

Birthday Baking & Collecting Ideas Flow Freely

Having just taken part in a fantastic birthday party extravaganza for a young middle aged lass, the world of shabby chic and all things baking came to the forefront of my world big time.  I am, or was not, naturally big in baking.  My mother did all that, Dad wasn’t at all interested in the cooking side of life and I followed his talents in the garage, mending the stuff to do the baking was my thing!

However, this party was an eye opener from the point of view of bringing ideas of how to decorate kitchens and make a difference without spending vast sums.  There were some amazing ideas on how to recreate that ’30s kitchen with the unfitted look, and where to obtain the wonderful selection of hand tools needed by patisserie fanatics.  So if special presents are needed again for a lover of baking – I am the one to come to!

Genteel Matching Of Cake Stands With Tea Services

There is nothing on earth as fab as taking high tea with my aged spinster aunt.  Admittedly she is finding it more of a challenge now and gone are the days when she would sally forth and produce a whopping great spread for a dozen or so in one sitting.  As far as I know, she never worked as such, but seems to have led a serenely quiet life presumably funded by private income – entertaining us all to this wonderful treat!

Her high teas are of the most amazing standard involving cake stands, matching cake knife and forks – which in turn match whichever of the tea services selected that day.  Each service is now pretty old, so everything is hand washed, carefully dried and stored in very substantial china cabinets.  Such a wonderful thing to have been priviledged to share as I’ve grown up.   A habit my own family has now taken up!

That Baking Bug Can Last A Lifetime

One of my nearly immediate family is crazy about baking.  There is never a day goes by when the poor lass isn’t heard weighing out, whisking, beating, scraping or other fun packed noises.  The maternal instinct in most of us ensures that at one or two cakes a week are produced.  Well, that is true for some of my female relatives.  The notion of me actually measuring out the ingredients is a science I have yet to indulge.

I do love watching other people bake and this joy was mine when I joined friends at a weekend party.  The hosts mum and grandma had been busily preparing a mass of lovely scones, sponges, rock buns and deep joy – chelsea buns!  But it was the bakeware that caught my eye – so beautifully co-ordinated and practical.  Nothing was just for show, it all had a use and was easy to clean and store.  All sourced from a dedicated online site.

Museum Awakens Forgotten Bakeware Delights

On a recent trip into the nearest county town I was quite taken with a small museum that had suddenly appeared and was open for just a few weeks.  I don’t recall any pre publicity so I had little idea of it’s purpose or intended audience.  I went in full of wonderment and came out also full of wonderment but of the very best kind.

In the display were masses of gorgeous bakeware and cooker items collected from around the world – a Scandinavian lass had acquired some of their bread tins and recipes and her little offerings had a typically dry quip about scandi land not only being good for murder mysteries!  The arrangements of shabby chic in overdrive and cutsie bakeware goods were heart warming and had quite an effect on me.  As soon as I got home, I browsed  to find exactly what I wanted for my own little kitchenalia paradise.

Dreamy Baking Days Are Not Just On TV

Celebrations abound at this time of year – the spring does seem to bring out the bestof the cake bakers amongst relatives – not only the seniors either these days.  There are many younger folk who now absolutely adore the many hi end cookery and baking shows on tv.  The lifestyle channels are choc a bloc with programmes on how to do this or create that.  The competitive element has not diminished either – from the simle baking show that has run for almost a decade, there ae the spin offs – one particularly challenging one that requires the professional expertise that only the fully trained could ever hope to take part in.

The supermarkets are gearing up for this and stock all the ingredients shown. And there are many sites that stock just the right baking accessories to achieve those dreams. The mixers, basins, special silicon moulds – and the machinery – just out of this world!