Art Of Entertaining Started With A Cake Stand

One of the best memories our family has of one particular house move, was the fact it happened over the easter period.  The daffodils were out all over the nearby common land.  I’m looking back to the very late 1960s when new housing was coming on stream and families were beginning to get the confidence to move out of the familiar rented accommodation and buy their own fabulous little house.  My family was one such.

The road leading to our development was actually unadopted and  just a mud track at the best of times.   I had an accident on my pedal bicycle one day – the front wheel got stuck in a big pothole hidden in a puddle.  Two ladies rushed to sort me out and when my parents came to retrieve me and the bike, they were invited in for tea. With that came the most stunning array of cakes – on a beautiful old cake stand.  It began a friendship for life!