Buying Into The Vintage Vibe

There are lots of really pretty little tea shops opening up in my immediate area.  Tea rooms had been off the menu for many years.  The advent of Wimpy bars and then the mass of coffee houses taking up the spare room in high streets and entertainments area meant the humble tea room had been found old fashioned.    That is no longer the case and small cafes and farm shops are proving very popular because they bring back very happy memories for several of the older groups that still live here.  I was talking to a group of lady pensioners who were out on a ‘jolly’.  They were reminiscing about their weddings – all seemed to be on bright sunny days in June.  All remembered pretty china tea sets, matching table linens.  Online sites that can provide vintage ware, china sets that bring back feminine pretty things are doing a deservedly roaring trade.  This reminder of happy vintage days makes folk feel comfortable that the world’s alright!