Nothing Shabby About Pefectly Peaked Muffins

I have some quite senior pals these days – having rejoined a couple of local social groups – to ensure I keep active in mind and body, and to support the efforts of the organisers and committees.  We  have a break with cups of tea or coffee and some sort of edible ‘treat’.  Over the years this has become standard form – no one to my knowledge has turned around and suggested that we ought not to indulge.   In the old days apparently, it would be standard practice for the ladies of the group to take it in turns to bring in home made cakes and buns.  This observations was the starter for one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve enjoyed there – about all the different types of cakes families used to enjoy.  Flapjacks, rock buns, queen cakes, butterlfy cakes, madeiras, dundees, treacle tart, gingerbread.  The list went on for a full hour with much joyful reminiscing!