Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Getting a baby to sleep sounds like a simple task, after all, we do say we "slept like a baby"! There are some times though when you need a safe spot to put baby down in for their nap time, when you are on the go, or getting ready to go out. You might be interested in trying out a baby sleep pod, which mimics the feeling of being cuddled, helping your baby to drift off to sleep wheverever you need them to!

Wedding Plans for Northampton

The best Wedding Venue Northamptonshire, is to be found in Knuston Lodge Farm, offering a beautiful range of locations and options for your special ceremony. Check out the stunning scenery for your wedding photos and recpetion to really shine like a star!

Family Favourite Brings Batch Baking Triumph

I have recently been involved in batch baking for a fund raising event.  It’s years since I did any such activity.  When the family was at home, I used to bake one cake every Sunday and it would be sliced up to add to our daily lunch boxes.  The choice was limited – I had one recipe that never failed, it could be varied with coconut, cocoa or coffee and sometimes I pushed the boat out and add dried fruit and glace cherries . . so essentially it was anything that could be made out of 4 eggs, 8 oz each of butter, sugar and self raising flour.  It sounds a lot but to make a decent sized victoria sponge sandwich in two 9 inch tins, it needs a double load.  Anyway, these little tricks stayed with me for the batch baking and as if by magic, I produced a dozen each of coffee, vanilla and chocolae buns and some divinely dark sticky gingerbread……

Chic Tea Trays & Cake Stands For Entertaining

I simply love darting around a very old building – especially one that still has artefacts and household effects around the rooms.  There is something truly personal and almost tragic about seeing hairbrushes and combs on dressing tables in the bedrooms.  Gloves left limply on a hall table suggest the owner has simply popped out for a half hour break and we expect them back at any time!  I really do love the museums that offer a handy means to look back to earlier eras and imagine how elegant the ladies looked in their carriage riding finery.

Another thing about the old buildings is looking out for the old linens and fabrics of the day.  Seeing the pretty tray cloths that adorned Madame’s afternoon tea tray when entertaining – it would be prestine white and inviting.  As would the pretty china cake plates and crocker sets.  So elegant.

Gorgeous Kitchenware Inspires Serously Good Cooks

I have just come back from a wonderful coach trip – lots of happy folk on their hols.  We took in a few bit towns and one city.  The mainfocal point for each was seeing the historic parts – cathedrals, old houses etc. and we certainly did that.  I also spied some wonderful shabby chic cookware stores up in a shopping arcade – they had a truly scrumptious display of crockery, dinnerware, matching cups and saucers.  Also available were sets of bakeware and pudding bowls.  I’ve never had a lot to do with cooking myself, but a couple of these stores really turned my head.  Kitchenalia is a huge market – fed mainly by seeing wonderful things produced on tv leisure and lifestyle programmes.  Well you too can have a romantically chic kitchen and dining area, logging online to stores that deal with cake ware and everything connected with the comforts of cooking will provide inspiration beyond imagination!

Bake & Store Sessions Need A Lot Of Crocks!

I was staying with a former colleague for a couple of weeks this summer.  The hostess and I go back a long way, over 20 glorious years.  In all that time we used to discuss cooking and household management on an almost daily basis.   This colleague was definitely the mistress of her kitchen.  She and her husband only ever bought the best makes for every household item, from kitchenware to coffee sets and dinner services.    The casseroles were bought in complete sets from tiny to gargantuan.  This amused me greatly as they had no children and I assumed absolutely no need for the largest of any set of dishes, pans etc.  Wrong.  She used to batch bakes and cook every Saturday whilst her husband did overtime shifts.  This habit she retains to make the most of seasonal food where she now resides in spendid luxury of her hidey hole in the Med!

International Jet Set Love English Country Decor Style

I have been meeting up with a very international crowd lately and I don’t really know any of them personally.  That’s one of the joys of helping out at social functions for a local heritage property.  They have huge landscaped grounds and beyond that is farming land.  To supplement the income from the tickets sales and normal farming activities, they hold motoring rallies, clay pigeon shooting and normal game shooting in season.  The crowds come now for the very Englishness – bridal and baby showers too share the beautifully decorated rooms and revel in the atmosphere.  Today we have many americans keen to follow in the footstps of their pedecessors, and in fact, a totally international set of visitor come to enjoy light refreshments in our ballroom.  All the prettiest bone china tea sets and matching cake stands are put out along with the fanciest of custom bedding. Lots of oooh and aahhs – it’s so very rewarding!

Afternoon Tea Rallies The Historic Car Crowd

Golly gosh there has been some exciting things happening at a historic house that I help at now and again.  They have a big fund raising arm of the trust that runs it all.  This part of of the enterprise operates the cafe, all the weddings and corporate events and is charge with making as much profit hroughout a trading year as possible.  These are then drawn over to support the house.  One of the eents recently was car rally – much further along in the vast grounds.  We could see all the activity from the ballroom windows and there were literally thousands of folk there.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely as the catering side had set up a big afternoon tea in the ball room and saloon – many delicious scones and cups of tea were taken by the international visitors.  Chintzy tea services and cake stands are such a must on these occasions!

Vintage Bakeware For Best Heritage Tea Shops

My word have I had some busy weeks visiting various heritage properties.  In my voluntary post as an inspector for a particular charity, I do have some perks and one in particular is to have to visit tea rooms and check the quality of the fayre on offer . . . . .  it’s a hard life but someone has to do it!  However, it does have the odd draw back in that after two or three substantial slices of Mrs. Bridge’s favourite victoria sponge cake, or a slab of millionnaires shortbread, followed by the very best of the scones with cream and jam, the waistline does tend to take a battering and I have a smaller battle somewhere else.  On the whole the baking take centre stage but the service is important too.  Decent tea sets, matching plates and all the corresponding bakeware are critical to bring home the message that home baked is best.

Sourcing The Essential Leg Of Mutton Sleeve

The womens’ group I have connections with celebrates 100 years in existence shortly.  They are having a party, the of course is the minimum requirement.  The cake has been ordered, the bunting sorted.   All that remains is finding that essential Edwardian blouse to suit the long skirts and button boots.  They were trying to describe what they thought they wanted, pin tucked or frilly front, high neck, or peter pan collar, leg of mutton sleees with long button down cuffs with lace.  With several colleagues joining in the list, it became quite a huge undertaking, worthy of the Victoria and Albert museum!  They haven’t sourced the idea article – the criteria being a bit over the top I suspect.  But online sites are fantastic as finding just the right thing – eventually.  Like this wonderful one dealing with shabby chic, retro and vintage.  Almost anything can be found, with systematic patient browsing!

Wartime Evacuees Brought Hom Cookery & Homemaking Skills

I have recently been very active in the care of three rather senior ladies in my life.  Two of these old dears are safely housed in care homes, some mile apart.   I chat to each about things from their past.  Two of the ladies were at school together and were in fact evacuated before WW2 started.  They were sent to the countryside – separate billets but near enough to be able to spend much time together.  They were lucky and lived with families who were happy to share the bounty of farm life with frightened youngsters who’d never seen a cow, or an aga kitchen range!  They shared lessons at the nearest grammer school but more importantly their adoptive mums and grandmothers took time to show them the basics of looking after themselves and their siblings.   Both came home fully skilled in basic home making, small holding husbandry and how to cook basic meals.  Absolute perfection!

Tea, Cake, Jam & Jerusalem – Life’s Perfect Habit

I have belionged to a particularly strong womens’ organisation for some time now – in fact I was the youngest member of the group when I joined the first time, some years ago.  They do have a rather drab reputation for making jam and singing jerusalem these days, but they most certainly do a very much wider range of activities and are very helpful in the community, when given a chance.  Our group entertains other groups throughout the year and the annual general meetings are legendary – cake, scones and afternoon tea flows with gay abandon.  The cakes are lovingly hand made by proud members.  It becomes a rather amazing, unspoken competition over who can devise the most exsquisitely iced displays and only the best china cups are allowed.  There is something very special about the habit of taking afternoon tea with chums, in a village hall.  May it live forever!